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HSBC Premier Renminbi Savings Account

To apply, call

0800 028 088


Access to one of the world's largest and
fastest-growing economies with an
HSBC Premier Renminbi Savings Account

  • Renminbi (RMB) funds held in New Zealand just like any other foreign currency and earning interest
  • International transfers to other RMB accounts or to accounts in any other foreign currency
  • RMB foreign exchange that capitalises on shifting exchange rates by exchanging other currencies to and from RMB
  • No monthly fee and available exclusively to HSBC Premier customers

Am I eligible for this?

This account is available exclusively to our Premier customers.

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Transferring money to Hong Kong in 1865 took 25 days. Today, it just takes 30 seconds.

Only with HSBC's Global View and Global Transfers

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