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Account Closure

We have developed the following Account Closure Guide with step-by-step instructions on the three different ways you can close your account(s):

IF YOU HAVE INTERNET BANKING, the most efficient and safest way for you to instruct us to close your HSBC account(s) is to reduce your account(s) to zero balance and include your account closure request in your payment instructions. Do note that small balances remaining in account(s), will be donated to the HSBC New Zealand selected charity, Hato Hone St John (St John Ambulance) – a registered charity in New Zealand providing ambulance services and first aid to those in need.

  • For Local Payments, total account balance(s) below $1.00 will be donated.
  • For Overseas or Currency Payments, total account balance(s) below $10.00 (NZD equivalent) will be donated.

To avoid low balances being donated to charity, for interest bearing accounts you are best to action your transfer on the 1st of the month.

Courtesy note, should HSBC NZ will make the charitable donation (on its customers’ behalf) you will be unable to seek a tax credit for your donation. HSBC NZ will also not be seeking a tax credit for the donation. For further details on donation tax credits, please visit the Inland Revenue Department website at

Please refer to the following guide for the step-by-step process flow:

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERNET BANKING, you can download and complete the Account Closure Request Form below and return the original copy with your wet ink signature to our HSBC Auckland Branch OR mail it to us at P.O. Box 5947, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142, New Zealand:

Account Closure Form - you will need to download, or select 'SAVE AS' on this hyperlink to save the PDF form to your computer and then open it within Adobe Reader.


If you need to make international remittances/payments into HSBC New Zealand accounts, you will need to use our SWIFT code, which is HSBCNZ2A.

  • Global Transfer of Funds Smartform – you may need to download, or select 'SAVE AS' on this hyperlink to save the PDF form to your computer and the open it within Adobe Reader.
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