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grandparents and children playing chess outdoor; image used for HSBC New Zealand Terms, Conditions, and Standard Contracts page

Terms, Conditions, Standard Contracts and Forms

Information about our products and services, including terms and conditions

Please note the following are downloadable in PDF. If you need to download Adobe Reader in order to read PDF documents, click here.


If you need to make international remittances/payments into HSBC New Zealand accounts, you will need to use our SWIFT code, which is HSBCNZ2A.

Withdrawn Products and Services

  1. Please note that foreign currency cash service are withdrawn effective 29 October 2021.
  2. HSBC New Zealand has now removed cheques and drafts as payment methods from 25 June 2021. For more information and alternative ways to bank, please click here.
  3. Please note that the following products are withdrawn from sale effective 19 May 2017
    1. Foreign Currency Loans
    2. Guarantees
    3. Business Standard Cheque Account
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