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What information do I need?

  1. Full beneficiary name
  2. Beneficiary account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  3. An IBAN is the required account format for most countries, excluding Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

  4. Beneficiary address (required for Canadian and CAD payments only)
  5. Currency and amount of the payment
  6. SWIFT/BIC code for the beneficiary bank

Make a payment at a branch

Our helpful staff members will take you through filling out our telegraphic transfer form, or you can fill one out and bring it with you.

Please remember to bring your photo identification such as your driver's licence or passport.

Please note that from 1 December 2015 all payment forms need to be typed. Hand written forms will not be accepted.

Make a payment online

This transfer method can only be made in the local currency. The funds will be transferred electronically. There is a cut-off time for transfers to be valued on the same day and transaction charges applied for making transfers.

  1. Log on to internet banking.
  2. Select which account from the drop-down list you would like your funds to be transferred from.
  3. Select Overseas beneficiary from the Transfer to drop-down list.
  4. Select the country, city, then bank and branch name to send the funds to.
  5. If the beneficiary's country, city or bank is not found in the relevant drop-down lists, select Other country/city/bank and type in the bank's name and address, and local bank code (if available).
  6. Type in the beneficiary's name and account number.
  7. Select the beneficiary's account currency from the drop-down list (this is necessary if you are transferring funds in the currency of the beneficiary's [To] account).
  8. Select from the currency drop-down list which currency you want the amount to be in.
    1. If you select In the same currency as From account, the amount you have keyed in will reflect the same currency as the From account. Our charges will be deducted from this amount you have indicated, eg your From account is in US dollars and the beneficiary's (To) account is in Canadian dollars. You have keyed in an amount of 1,000. Selecting the currency to be the Same as from account means you want USD1,000 to be transferred to the beneficiary's CAD account. We will convert USD990 (USD1,000 less USD10 for our charges) and deposit CAD1,584 (say at a rate of 1.6) into the beneficiary's CAD account.
    2. If you select In the same currency as To account, the amount keyed in will reflect the same currency as the beneficiary's (To) account. Our charges will be deducted separately from your account, eg using the same scenario as above but selecting the currency to be the Same as to account means that you want CAD1,000 to be transferred to the beneficiary's CAD account. We will convert CAD1,000 to USD625, deduct that amount from your USD account and deposit CAD1,000 to the beneficary's CAD account. Our charges of USD10 will be deducted from your USD account.
  9. Key in the amount you want to transfer.
  10. Select (from the drop-down list) who is to pay for the overseas charges (usually by the beneficiary's bank). This is separate from our charges for making this transfer.
  11. Indicate when you want the transfer to be made by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
    1. Transfer now: for the transfer to be made on the same day (provided you submit this before the cut-off time)
    2. Transfer later: for the transfer to be made on the future date you have keyed in or picked out from the calendar icon
    3. Set up recurring transfer: for this same instruction to be made with your specified frequency. Key in or pick out from the calendar icon when you want the first transfer to be made. Select how often you want this transfer to be made and how many total recurring transfers to make. Only key in the final transfer amount if this is to be different for the last transfer. The same transfer amount indicated in the earlier field will be transferred for each recurring instruction.
  12. Key in any details to appear on the beneficiary's statement and on your account statement as a reference for this transfer.
  13. Carefully check all the payment details – including the beneficiary details – as you won’t be able to correct them once you have confirmed the payment.
  14. Click on Transfer to proceed with your request.
  15. Generate a transaction code on your Secure Key and enter it when prompted
  16. Confirm your payment.

Cut-off times

Instructions submitted through internet banking need to be received by the below-listed cut-off times for processing on the same day. Instructions received after the relevant cut-off times will be processed on the next working day. Functions not listed will not be affected by cut-off times and processed immediately by the system at any time of the day.

Foreign Currency Payment Cut Off Times
(New Zealand Time) Monday - Friday
Currency Code Cut Off Time
Australian Dollar AUD 3.00 pm
Euro EUR 3.00 pm
United States Dollar USD 4.00 pm
Fijian Dollar FJD 1.00 pm
Japanese Yen JPY 1.00 pm
Indian Rupee INR 3.00 pm
Thai Baht THB 1.00 pm
Singapore Dollar SGO 2.00 pm
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 2.00 pm
Danish Kroner DKK 2.00 pm
Norwegian Kroner NOK 2.00 pm
Swedish Kroner SEK 2.00 pm
South African Rand ZAR 2.00 pm
Canadian Dollar CAD 2.00 pm
Swiss Franc CHF 2.00 pm
Pound Sterling GBP 3.00 pm
Philippines Pesos PHP 2.00 pm
Chinese Yuan (aka Renminbi) CNY 2.00 pm
Saudi Arabia Riyal SAR 2.00 pm
South Pacific Francs XPF 2.00 pm

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