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Fixed Rate Home Loan

The comfort of knowing exactly what your repayments will be

HSBC Fixed Rate Home Loan

Looking for some certainty? Now's the time to consider a Fixed Rate Home Loan. Be confident in what your repayments will be every instalment.


Whether you're buying a new home or looking to refinance your existing home loan, we have a solution suited for you.

  • Choose from one of our competitive fixed rates from 6 months to 5 years

  • More certainty when it comes to budgeting, knowing your repayments won’t change during the fixed term

  • Ability to split the loan across different terms to suit your needs

  • Opportunity to pay off your loan quicker by increasing the regular repayment amount by up to a maximum of 20% with no break cost

  • Option to repay your loan either fortnightly or monthly

Featured rate

5.19% p.a.

Fixed for 1 year

Interest rates

Interest rates for fixed rate home loan

Fixed Rates
Interest Rate (p.a.)
6 months fixed 5.29% p.a.
1 year fixed 5.19% p.a.
18 months fixed 5.55% p.a.
2 years fixed 5.69% p.a.
3 years fixed 5.89% p.a.
4 years fixed 6.59% p.a.
5 years fixed 6.69% p.a.

Interest rates for fixed rate home loan

Fixed Rates
6 months fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
5.29% p.a.
Fixed Rates
1 year fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
5.19% p.a.
Fixed Rates
18 months fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
5.55% p.a.
Fixed Rates
2 years fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
5.69% p.a.
Fixed Rates
3 years fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
5.89% p.a.
Fixed Rates
4 years fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
6.59% p.a.
Fixed Rates
5 years fixed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
6.69% p.a.

How a Fixed Rate Home Loan works

A Fixed Rate Home Loan is where the interest rate is fixed for a term between six months and five years. As a result you have the security and peace of mind of knowing exactly what you will have to repay over the period of time you have nominated.

At the end of the agreed fixed term the loan generally reverts to our Floating Rate Home Loan.

However you can also choose to:

  • Re-fix your loan for a further fixed term, at the interest rates applicable at the time
  • Pay off the loan in part or full
  • Choose an alternative loan from HSBC that suits you at that time

If you prepay your home loan before the end of the fixed rate period, you may be charged an early prepayment loss recovery fee and an administration fee. Click here to find out more.

How to apply

New to HSBC?

The online application will take you around

10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Already an HSBC customer?

Call your Relationship Manager or speak to one of our Premier Consultants on 0800 028 088

Important Information

Calls may be monitored and/or recorded.

Wealth and Personal Banking Terms and Conditions apply.

Lending criteria and HSBC Premier eligibility criteria apply. Early repayment fees may apply to fixed rate loans. Interest rates are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Please refer to Wealth and Personal Banking Fees and Charges.

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