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The 2021 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey

Living and working abroad can offer rewarding experiences. Add your views to our global survey and inspire others like you.

About the survey

In recent years, the HSBC Expat Explorer survey has told us how expats move abroad for a better quality of life, career progression or simply to experience another culture.

More recently, many expats have faced unexpected challenges and have had to adapt to a new way of life, yet their resilience brings renewed confidence and optimism.

The results of the 2021 Expat Explorer survey are now live.

This year's survey results showed that people living abroad are feeling more optimistic about the year ahead.

Find out what expat life is like in 2021:

This year's survey provides unique perspective from more than 20,000 expats across 46 ranking countries and regions about the realities of life abroad in 2021. More than half of the expats are feeling optimistic about the year ahead, in fact, 4 in 5 of said they will continue to live abroad for at least the next year.

Legal information

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