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Protecting you at every step: from 24/7 account monitoring to encryption and password protection

Internet banking makes managing your finances incredibly convenient and quick. But in case you're concerned about online fraud, you can be sure that we're doing everything we can to prevent it and help you keep your personal information and your money safe.

  • Instant access to online statements with e-Statements containing the same information as paper statements
  • No risk of identity theft by switching to paperless banking
  • Easier on the environment with paperless banking

Want to switch to paperless banking? Your first step is to register for internet banking.

Find out more about security

Visit the HSBC online security centre for more information on:

  • How to protect yourself online
  • How HSBC protects you online
  • Types of online attacks you should be aware of

Global security network

To protect your account, we have a global network of security experts who work round the clock to identify threats and investigate suspicious activity. If we see something unusual that doesn't fit your banking profile, we'll try to stop the transaction being completed and contact you to check if it's valid.

If we discover someone has used your account to make unauthorised payments or transfers, we'll take steps to limit the amount they take – minimising the impact on you. These steps can include:

  • Blocking transactions
  • Suspending your account temporarily
  • Closing your account and opening a new one

Remember to keep your details updated through internet banking so that we can stay in contact with you.

For more detailed information, see our privacy and security, terms of use, and electronic banking services statement.

HSBC's Online Security Device provides unparralelled protection for your internet banking.

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