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HSBC Premier Explorer

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HSBC Premier Explorer

HSBC Premier Explorer

Give your children the tools they need to understand the value of money and manage their finances effectively. Under your guidance, your children will share in the many benefits you receive as an HSBC Premier customer.

Open an HSBC Premier Explorer bank account today

  • Open an account in the name of your children or grandchildren under the age of 25
  • Open an account in your name for children 10 or under, and receive a 'recognition card' for your child
  • Receive a complimentary HSBC Premier ATM card for account holders 11 or older
  • Pay nothing for banking services and ATM withdrawals from HSBC or Westpac
  • Get one-to-one advice from your family’s dedicated HSBC Premier Relationship Manager

Peace of mind when your child travels

Help your children travel safely with unique HSBC Premier Explorer opportunities.

  • Receive emergency assistance at any HSBC Premier lounge worldwide
  • Grant your children permission to access up to USD2,000 in the event of an emergency
  • Arrange overseas HSBC accounts before your child's departure*
  • Make around-the-clock enquiries on 0800 02 80 88 (within New Zealand) or +64 9 368 8557 from overseas (international toll charges apply)

* New account openings are subject to that country's terms and conditions and any local regulatory restrictions. Ask at your local branch for further information or direct contact details for international HSBC offices.

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