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HSBC Premier e-Saver Account

How it works

HSBC Premier e-Saver Account is an NZD-denominated account that helps you save for anything in a way that suits you. You can pay in lump sums or set up an automatic payment to save a set amount each month or have your salary credited to it directly.

Accessing your money

The HSBC Premier e-Saver Account is an instant access account, so you can put in or take out money whenever you like. There are no charges for withdrawals.

You can transfer money instantly from your HSBC Premier e-Saver Account to your HSBC Everyday Account or other HSBC savings accounts. You can also make payments to other New Zealand bank accounts using HSBC internet banking or by calling our Premier Service Centre 24 hours a day.

Making payments electronically means you won’t pay any fees, but you can also access your money through our Premier Service Centre when you need to.

You won’t be able to make cheque, EFTPOS and ATM withdrawals, automatic payments or direct debits from your HSBC Premier e-Saver Account. However, if you need to make these or other day-to-day transactions, try the HSBC Everyday Account.

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Premier customers can also take advantage of free, real-time international transfers to other international HSBC accounts in their own name with HSBC's unique Global View and Global Transfers service.

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Interest rates

The full rate of interest is paid on every dollar in your account, up to the maximum amount, no matter how often you access your account.

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  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • No interest is paid for balances over NZD500,000

Am I eligible for this?

This account is available exclusively to our Premier customers.

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