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Foreign currency fixed term deposit accounts

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The investment that enjoys a fixed rate of return

The HSBC term deposit account allows you to keep control of your investment and, with our competitive interest rates, you’ll also be well on your way to achieving your savings goals.

Open and manage your term deposit online

If you have a transactional account with HSBC that includes internet banking access, manage your term deposit online, too. This convenience includes:

  • Ability to open a new term deposit with either interest at maturity or interim interest
  • View details of your current term deposits and request a change to maturity instructions
  • Manage your term deposit maturity – once set up, you can change the reinvestment option on your term
  • Deposit terms between 7 days and 12 months are currently available online
  • For new term deposits greater than one year (maximum of five), contact us today

Select the term

HSBC offers a wide range of deposit terms from seven days to five years.

If you have a specific goal for your savings or want to manage your investment by monitoring interest rate movements, a term of up to 12 months will suit you.

Competitive interest rates

The rates vary depending on:

  • Term of your investment
  • Interest payment frequency
  • Currency
  • Residency status

For more information about rates please call us on 0800 802 380.

A wide range of currency options

You can invest in up to nine different currencies.

You may make an investment of any sum as long as the investment is above the minimum levels outlined below. These minimum levels and the currencies on offer are subject to change from time to time.

7 day term, minimum investment amounts:

  • New Zealand Dollars: NZD 100,000
  • US Dollars: USD 40,000
  • Australian Dollars: AUD 80,000
  • Hong Kong Dollars: HKD 300,000

1 month to 5 year terms, minimum investment amounts:

  • New Zealand Dollars: NZD 10,000
  • Hong Kong Dollars: HKD 50,000
  • US Dollars: USD 5,000
  • Japanese Yen: JPY 500,000
  • Canadian Dollars: CAD 7,000
  • Singapore Dollars: SGD 8,000
  • Australian Dollars: AUD 8,000
  • Swiss Francs: CHF 6,500
  • Pounds Sterling: GBP 3,000
  • Euro: EUR 4,500

No establishment fees

  • No upfront base fee
  • No administration fee
  • No charge if you wish to change your maturity instructions during your deposit term

Note that a fee may be applicable if you withdraw part or all of your term deposit prior to maturity. 

Choose the frequency of interest payment

We'll calculate the interest earned on your deposit every day.

For term deposits over two months in duration, you can select to have your interest paid to your nominated account on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly basis. This gives you access to your investment income during the term.

Alternatively, you can elect to have your interest paid to your nominated account at the end of your deposit term.

Flexible maturity instructions

HSBC offers you a range of options at the maturity of your term deposit.

The following are your options:

  • Automatically renew your investment principal and interest for another term of the same duration, creating a true ‘set and forget’ investment. This will provide you with the benefit of earning interest on your interest in subsequent investment terms
  • Renew your investment principal for another term of the same length with the interest you have earned being paid to your nominated account. Where you select an automatic renewal option, the interest rates applicable on the day of your deposit’s maturity will apply to the subsequent term
  • Alternatively, decide to have both your investment principal and interest paid to your nominated account on maturity of your deposit term


Please note all foreign currency exchange transactions are subject to cut off times If a request for a foreign currency exchange transaction is received after the applicable cut off time, this request will be processed the next business day.

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