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Protect your personal information and your money when you bank online with HSBC

We want our customers to feel confident that their information is protected by one of the most sophisticated online security systems in the world. That’s why we provide you with an Online Security Device when you become a personal internet banking customer with HSBC.

Why has HSBC selected the Online Security Device for additional internet banking protection?

Online Security Device

After conducting detailed studies, HSBC decided to incorporate the Online Security Device into HSBC's internet banking service. This is because:

  • It offers an additional layer of security to protect our customers' account details
  • The device is also simple and convenient to use

The HSBC Online Security Device enables access to internet banking by using a process called 'two-factor authentication'.  This means there are two steps to authenticate the internet banking user:

  • Step 1: The registered user logs on using an internet banking ID and password known only to themselves
  • Step 2: The registered user presses the button on the Online Security Device to generate a unique code

This is a time-sensitive, single-use six-digit security code for customers to use when logging on and for selected internet banking transactions. The device generates random codes that can only be used once and is entered once you have completed step 1 above.

The Online Security Device helps protect you from phishing, Trojans/keylogging, shoulder surfing and screen capturing because it is only valid for a shorter period of time and can only be used once. Anyone who observed or captured your security code for internet banking would not be able to reuse this same security code for access.

How does the Online Security Device compare to other internet banking security measures?

Online security measures adopted by other banks and financial institutions include digital certificates or text message security codes.

The generation of the security code using the Online Security Device is not dependent on mobile phone signal availability or the geographic location of our customers, who may need to access internet banking while overseas.

From our customer research, we know that many of our active customers prefer to access internet banking from several different locations. The Online Security Device is a portable, standalone security device that requires no system adjustments, downloads or plug-ins.

What do customers think about the Online Security Device?

We want customers to feel confident about their security when banking online with HSBC. The Online Security Device was launched in October 2005, and  it has generated positive feedback since it was implemented:

"Just thought I'd tell you I received HSBC's Online Security Device for internet banking yesterday. What a brilliant idea! With so much internet fraud around these days and people hacking into bank accounts, it’s great to see HSBC are concerned about their customers. Congratulations on being so innovative to adopt this idea ... I wish all banks would follow suit."
Craig Johnston, HSBC New Zealand customer

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