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The market

To compete successfully in today's fast-paced environment, businesses and individuals need solutions that help effectively manage financial requirements on a global scale. Established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865 and with more than 25 years’ experience in the
New Zealand market, HSBC’s team of dedicated relationship managers are there to help businesses and individuals do just that. With around 6,600 offices in around 80 countries and territories, spanning six continents and transacting in more than 90 currencies, HSBC draws both on local and international resources.

For the Bank’s retail customers, HSBC attracts individuals who require a bank that not only can provide banking but also assist with their international needs, offering them the highly personalised service, HSBC Premier. HSBC Premier is built around the customer, with a dedicated relationship manager providing an exclusive suite of services tailored to their needs.



HSBC was established in 1865 to finance the growing trade between China and the world. Soon after its formation in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the Bank began opening branches to expand the services it could offer. Although that network reached as far as Europe and North America, the emphasis was on building up representation in China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. From the outset, trade finance was a strong feature of the local and international business of the Bank, an expertise that has been recognised throughout its history.

In 1987, when the financial markets in New Zealand were deregulated, HSBC became the first foreign bank to be granted a banking licence to operate as a ‘bank’ in New Zealand. It was legally formed as a branch of Hongkong Bank in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which it remains to this day, but under the new name The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited or HSBC. Starting with approximately 35 staff, its head office was first set up in Wellington before moving to Auckland in 1989. Throughout its lifetime, HSBC New Zealand has always stuck to its trade finance roots and played to its strengths as an international bank, leading to customer numbers continually growing and making the Bank what it is today.


For the Bank’s retail customers

HSBC Premier

HSBC’s personal proposition is HSBC Premier, a highly personalised banking service. HSBC Premier is built around the customer, offering a high level of personal care and attention both in New Zealand and overseas.

HSBC Premier customers benefit from the following:

  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • Competitive home loans
  • Multi-currency savings accounts
  • No ATM fees at HSBC ATMs anywhere in the world
  • Commission-free foreign exchange through HSBC branches worldwide
  • Access to instant emergency cash advances of USD2,000
  • The ability to transfer money internationally between HSBC accounts in as little as 30 seconds with no fees

There are qualifying criteria to becoming an HSBC Premier customer: individuals need to qualify with either a minimum combined home lending of NZD500,000 and/or NZD100,000 in savings and investments.



HSBC Premier New Zealand customers can view their global HSBC accounts on one site. Global View means a customer has a single logon for access to view all HSBC accounts anywhere in the world that also have access to Global View. The Global Transfers service within Global View gives the freedom to transfer money between those linked HSBC accounts, making transfers 24 hours a day in as little as 30 seconds.


Brand values

HSBC’s values are central to how the Bank does business. These values are as follows:

  • Dependable and do the right thing
  • Open to different ideas and cultures
  • Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other

HSBC has a clear sense of courage and integrity in the way it does things, and leverages its connectivity and international networks on behalf of all customers and clients.

Terms and conditions apply to all products and services mentioned. Copies of HSBC’s most recent disclosure statement are available on request from any HSBC office. Issued by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, incorporated in the Hong Kong SAR acting through its New Zealand branch (HSBC).

Would you like an extra NZD300? It’s yours when you introduce a friend to HSBC Premier.


Rate Change Notice

Variable and Revolving Home Loan

Effective 30 April 2018, HSBC Variable and Revolving home loan interest rates have increased by 0.10%.