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Understanding Total Relationship Balance and how we apply the Premier Service Fee

Retail Banking and Wealth Management New Zealand

Qualifying for HSBC Premier

HSBC reserves the right to charge a Premier Service Fee (formerly known as a Below Balance Fee) as set out in the Retail Banking and Wealth Management Fees and Charges brochure. The following explains how we determine the application of the Premier Service Fee. We assess this by reference to the Total Relationship Balance (TRB).

To qualify for HSBC Premier you will need:

  • A minimum value of NZD500,000 in home loans with HSBC in New Zealand (facility limit not outstanding balance); and /or
  • A minimum value of NZD100,000 in savings and investments with HSBC in New Zealand; and /or
  • If you’re an overseas HSBC Premier customer, you’ll automatically qualify for Premier customer status in New Zealand.
Premier Service Fee

The Premier Service Fee of NZ$15 is charged monthly, to Premier customers who do not meet the HSBC Premier eligibility criteria in relation to their TRB.

The Premier Service Fee is not charged to non-personal accounts, Premier Explorer customers and Premier customers with an HSBC New Zealand home loan.


Calculating TRB and its relevance



Calculating TRB



Frequently Asked Questions


Important Note

HSBC Premier, Retail Banking and Wealth Management Terms and Conditions and Fees and Charges apply.

The calculation of TRB is applicable only to HSBC Premier customers in New Zealand.

This information is correct at the time of publication.