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Information about our products and services, including terms and conditions

We are removing or reducing some of our HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management fees and charges, effective 1 July 2019. Please click here for details.

Please note that the following products are withdrawn from sale effective 19 May 2017;

  • Foreign Currency Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Business Standard Cheque Account.

Please note the following are downloadable in PDF. If you need to download Adobe Reader in order to read PDF documents, click here.

Everyday Banking Borrowing#
Retail Banking Terms and Conditions Home Loan Standard Terms and Conditions
Fees and Charges Brochure
Guarantee and Indemnity (sample)
New: HSBC Debit Mastercard Terms and Conditions (PDF, 77KB) Mortgage Memorandum
HSBC Declaration to confirm your tax status under FATCA (for Entity customers) Security over deposit agreement (sample)
IRS FATCA Forms Loan details - Home Loans (sample)
Loan details - Home Equity (sample)

#Home Loan default interest rate - at any time is the annual interest rate plus the default margin of 5% per annum.
A home loan establishment fee may be applicable, up to a maximum of NZD450.

Other important terms and information Forms
QFE Disclosure Statement Home Loan application form
Code of Banking Practice Account Opening Application form
Understanding Total Relationship Balance and how we apply the Premier below Balance Fee
Switching Bank Request Form
HSBC Safeguard  Account Closure Request Form
The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) CRS Entity Self Certification
CRS Individual Self Certification
CRS CP Self Certification
CRS Declaration
  RBWM Connected Parties Form
  Indemnity for operating an account by a minor form
<> Bill Payee Registration form

Cheques are cleared within three business days at HSBC.

If you need to make international remittances/payments into HSBC New Zealand accounts, you will need to use our SWIFT code, which is HSBCNZ2A.

For Corporate Banking Terms and Conditions please click here.

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