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The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited would like to alert its Internet Banking customers to the issue of "phishing" attacks. Phishing attacks usually require the recipient to open a malicious link or attachment containing a virus or fraudulent emails which ask recipients to reveal their HSBC Internet Banking user name, password and security codes.

Customers are reminded to ensure they are connected to a valid HSBC site before keying in any confidential personal or company data. Customers should access their e-banking accounts by keying in the website address at the address bar of the browser, or bookmark the website and use that function to access their e-banking accounts.

Customers should never disclose their passwords, PIN's or online banking security codes to any third parties. HSBC would never ask customers for such information by email, phone or in person.

As always too, please also consider your own email security, and do not reply to unsolicited email messages that encourage you to launch a web hyperlink or attachment or provide log in information.

If customers are concerned that they may have revealed their security details to fraudsters, they should call HSBC on 0800 80 23 80.

Go green with

Once your account is open, all you need to do is register for internet banking, log on and choose e-Statements as your statement option.