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Global Benefits

A dedicated Relationship Manager supported by a team of global experts

Your personal Relationship Manager will put together a picture of your financial life and then create a bespoke financial strategy designed just for you.

  • An accredited and knowledgeable HSBC Premier Relationship Manager
  • Help you to fulfil your hopes, dreams and ambitions
  • Supported by the expertise of our Global Economists and Analysts

Our success is measured by how well we meet your needs

We take your personal economy personally. And to prove it, our Relationship Managers aren’t incentivised on the products they sell. Instead, they are measured on how well they meet your needs and how happy you are with their service.

  • Comprehensive solutions to support your needs including basic banking, lifestyle and property
  • Personal satisfaction as a priority. Our Relationship Managers’ success is measured on how well they support your personal economy
  • Digital solutions to help you easily access and manage your money

Always there, wherever and whenever you need us

Your personal economy is always with you. So is HSBC Premier. You can access our support and services anytime from anywhere in the world.

  • Automatic HSBC Premier status in all countries where you bank with HSBC
  • Instantaneous, fee-free international fund transfers between your HSBC accounts
  • International account opening before you arrive at your destination
  • Access to our Regional HSBC Premier International Centres, providing specialist services to meet your cross-border wealth management needs
  • Emergency card replacement within 24 hours and emergency cash at any HSBC branch worldwide
  • Online banking, giving you access to all your HSBC accounts globally

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