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HSBC Premier e-Saver Account

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HSBC Premier e-Saver Account

HSBC Premier e-Saver Account

Get instant support for all your banking needs with this simple instant access account. You can embrace the best of both worlds and build your savings while enjoying easy online access to your savings. It’s free and easy to withdraw or transfer money when you need it.

The HSBC Premier e-Saver Account is available exclusively to HSBC Premier Customers in New Zealand. Choose to pay in lump sums or set up an automatic payment to put aside set savings each month. Find out more about becoming a Premier Customer today.

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It’s quick and easy to open a new account online.

Why choose the HSBC Premier e-Saver Account?

  • Accumulate daily interest on every dollar up to NZD5,000,000(1)
  • Build your savings faster with monthly interest payments
  • Access your money from wherever you are in the world
  • Make instant transfers across your international accounts
  • Pay no bill payment or transfer fees in New Zealand(2)
  • Enjoy exemption from monthly service fees as an HSBC Premier customer(3)
  • Get 24/7 access to your finances via internet or telephone banking

(1) Interest rates are subject to change. Balances above NZD5,000,000 do not earn interest.

(2) Fees apply to international payments.

(3) For Non-Premier customers a monthly service fee of NZD15 will apply. Fees for international payments and ATMs also apply to Non-Premier customers. For a full list of fees and charges applicable to Non-Premier customers please refer to our Retail Banking and Wealth Management Fees and Charges guide. Non-Premier customers require a minimum opening balance and ongoing balance of NZD50,000.

Everyday banking with HSBC

While you can make fee-free electronic withdrawals and transfers using the HSBC Premier e-Saver Account, you won’t be able to make cheque, EFTPOS and ATM withdrawals. For these and other day-to-day transactions, please enquire about the HSBC Everyday Account.

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