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HSBC Premier Multi-currency Account

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HSBC Premier Multi-currency Account


Manage 10 leading currencies, anytime, anywhere

  • Easy management of foreign currencies means you can make transactions and receive income in a foreign currency
  • International transfers mean you can move funds between your international HSBC foreign currency accounts using HSBC's Global Transfers
  • Makes managing overseas expenses easier such as covering the cost of your children studying abroad
  • No monthly fee for Premier customers*

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Make the most of your money with the HSBC Premier Multi-currency Account

  • Multiple options – manage up to 10 different currencies, take advantage of movements in exchange rates and earn interest, too
  • A convenient single record simplifies managing your finances, with all currencies consolidated in one easy-to-read statement
  • Unlimited access and complete control means you can transfer funds between currencies, check balances and monitor exchange rate movements via phone and internet banking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world
  • Make cash deposits and withdrawals in these currencies at any of our branches worldwide: NZD, USD, GBP, AUD, HKD, EUR, SGD and JPY
  • Access Real time FX rates and a full suite of foreign exchange solutions

No account charges

No monthly service fees apply to HSBC Premier customers.

Open a multi-currency account now

HSBC Premier customers can complete an application form at any of our branches or contact our Premier Service Centre.

AUD8,000 GBP3,000 NZD10,000
CAD7,000 HKD50,000 SGD8,000
CHF6,500 JPY500,000 USD5,000

A word about the risks

You should be aware of the potential risks of investing in a currency that is not your base currency. Fluctuation in exchange rates may also impact adversely when converting currencies in your multi-currency account.

Please remember that the past performance of a currency is not necessarily an indication of its future performance.


* For Non-Premier customers a monthly service fee of NZD15 will apply. Fees for international payments and ATMs also apply to Non-Premier customers. For a full list of fees and charges applicable to Non-Premier customers please refer to our Retail Banking and Wealth Management Fees and Charges guide. Non-Premier customers require a minimum opening balance and ongoing balance of NZD50,000.

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This account is available exclusively to our Premier customers.

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