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Banking without borders

Banking without borders

Whether you need to transfer money overseas or open new accounts ahead of your arrival abroad, you'll find helpful support from HSBC Premier's global community.

Move your finances abroad

Enjoy the same high standards in banking when you or your loved ones choose to settle down in a new country.

  • Open overseas HSBC accounts via the Global International Banking Centre
  • Transfer your New Zealand credit history for competitive international credit facilities*
  • Get 24/7 telephone banking support on +1908 PREMIER
  • Report lost cards and request emergency support on the Premier emergency hotline at +1 314 275 6774
  • Access up to USD2,000 in emergency cash, available through 245,000 outlets across 200 countries
  • Receive a warm welcome and priority services at over 100 international Premier Centres around the world

* Please note this service is only applicable in countries where HSBC Premier is offered, and is subject to local statutory and regulatory requirements. Further information may be required and will be disclosed upon application.

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