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Would you like the benefits offered by more than one loan?

You can mix and match most of our home loans. All you have to do is consider your priorities and think about the things in a home loan that are essential to you. For example, you may decide a split between a Home Equity Home Loan and a Fixed Rate Home Loan to meet your needs. You’ll have access to funds to grow your wealth with the security of a fixed rate should interest rates rise in the future. Whatever you decide, splitting your loan lets you take advantage of a range of options and strategies to design a home loan that’s as individual as you are.

How a split loan works

You can combine up to six HSBC Premier home loans, including your primary loan, to get the features and benefits you want. *

*There is no charge for three or less splits. A fee is payable for each split thereafter.

Primary Loan Split With
Floating Rate
A simple traditional loan
Any of our home loans  excluding Construction Loan
Fixed Rate
Security & peace of mind
Home Equity
The freedom to create wealth

Split Home Loan repayments

In this example you may take out an initial home loan which is split between $200,000 on a fixed rate for three years and $300,000 on a floating rate option of $500,000 in total. This way you have control with a known repayment amount on the fixed portion of the home loan for the next three years while also benefitting from the flexibility of a floating rate. This can enable you to make larger monthly payments and pay off your home loan quicker. If after three years you wish to combine your home loans into a Floating Home Loan Rate you can and continue to reduce your loan.

For illustrative purposes only. The graph is a representation and the figures used are estimates only. It is assumed that interest rates remain the same for the life of the loan.