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This checklist aims to provide a handy guide for you when purchasing a residential property.

What you need to do to apply for an HSBC home loan?

The following is a guide to the steps involved in buying a home and is designed to help you save time. The whole residential house purchasing process, from the time you apply for your home loan until you move into your house, normally takes four to six weeks.

  1. Contact us/Apply for a home loan
  2. There are several ways you can contact us and/or apply for a home Loan. Choose the one that suits you:

    • As an existing HSBC Premier customer, call your relationship manager
    • Call us at 0800 80 23 80 or +64 9 918 8350 (from overseas) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Visit us at GF, HSBC House, One Queen Street, Auckland 1010.

    HSBC will only provide home loans to new customers if they meet the HSBC Premier qualifying criteria.

  3. Submit your application
  4. Submit your application at a branch or to one of our dedicated relationship manager (depending on what you choose).

    To commence with your application you will need the following items as a minimum:

    • Your bank statements from the last three months (from your main transaction account)
    • Proof of income
    • Sale and purchase agreement (if applicable)

    Please note that you will also need to provide acceptable forms of personal identification as per our application form. Find out what the acceptable forms of identification are.

  5. What happens after you submit your application
    • Your application will be assessed and, if successful, we will aim to contact you with confirmation within two working days. We may need some additional information at this point.
    • Your documentation will then be forwarded to your solicitor.
    • The documentation is then signed by you and your solicitor and returned to us.
    • The settlement can then occur.

For additional information, please see our useful information section.