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Banking in multiple currencies

Designed for international customers, our multi-currency accounts and foreign exchange capabilities make it easy for you to manage your money in different currencies.

Accounts in a wide range of currencies

We have range of savings accounts in 10 currencies – so you can choose accounts that cover everything from paying your bills back home to travelling overseas and saving for your future.

Lending in multiple currencies

HSBC offers home loans in three  different currencies for the purchase of residential properties in New Zealand. This will help you avoid the uncertainty of currency conversions by matching the currency of your loan with that of your overseas income.

A choice of foreign exchange solutions

Mortgage payments. School fees. Overseas property maintenance. If you have financial commitments in more than one country, you can convert your money into another currency in a number of ways.

Our multi-currency products will allow you to:

  • International bank transfers, pay bills, such as school fees or mortgage payments, in another currency
  • Optimise market fluctuations to manage currency exchange risk for future payments
  • Diversify your savings portfolio to help achieve your financial goals

View all the currencies we offer

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Bank and savings accounts


Foreign exchange

Need to convert one currency to another? Find out about how HSBC can help you with 0 per cent commission on currency conversions.

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