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Business Standard Cheque Account

All the essential banking services your family trust or look-through company (LTC) needs

  • Availability
    This account is available to non-trading family trusts or LTCs only
  • Multi-currency
    You can arrange to open a Business Standard Cheque Account in any of 10 currencies
  • Fee-free
    No monthly service fees for HSBC Premier customers*
  • Consolidated statements
    View each of your accounts on one consolidated statement, making it easier to keep track of your finances

*Monthly service fee and per transaction fee apply for non-Premier customers.

Go green with e-Statements

Once your account is open, all you need to do is register for internet banking, log on and choose e-Statements as your statement option.

Transferring money to Hong Kong in 1865 took 25 days. Today, it just takes 30 seconds.

Only with HSBC's Global View and Global Transfers

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