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Moving to New Zealand

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Moving to New Zealand

We're here to help you every step of the way

Establishing your finances in a new country can seem daunting, but Global International Banking Centre is ready to help you move your banking and investments to New Zealand and make the whole process as seamless as possible. Our network of offices delivers a high-value quality service that will help you settle in to your new life. Whether you want to arrange your banking affairs before you travel or just want to know more about the country, we’ve got all the information and expertise you need. You’ll find some useful tips listed below.

If you are an HSBC Premier customer in another country, you will automatically qualify for HSBC Premier status in New Zealand. However, you will need to maintain your HSBC Premier status in at least one country.

Visa and process

Check the visa requirement and process well before your departure. Note that tourist visas are exempted for certain passport holders.

Find out more information on tourist visas, non-immigrant visas, work permits and residency here link to - this page will open in a new browser window.

At a glance

Explore New Zealand before you arrive here link to - this page will open in a new browser window.

New Zealand weather

New Zealand typically enjoys a temperate climate with cool, rainy winters and warm, humid summers. Regionally, there are contrasts: snow is common in the South Island but very infrequent in the North Island. The seasons are the reverse of the northern hemisphere with summer from December to February. For current weather conditions in New Zealand, click here link to - this page will open in a new browser window

Getting to New Zealand

There are many options available for your trip to New Zealand and for any journeys within the country. To find out which would suit you best from the options available, please visit:

Declaring currency

If you bring currency to the value of NZD10,000 or more, you must declare it at customs when entering the country.

Embassy registrations

It helps to register with the embassy or the representative office of your home country prior to arrival in case of emergency.

Your tax liabilities

If you plan to stay in New Zealand, you must arrange tax residency. You will need to visit the Inland Revenue Department link to - this page will open in a new browser window (IRD) as you have to get an IRD number before you can obtain work. You can also find out tax rates for investment income.

Finding a job

New Zealand offers a number of exciting employment opportunities across a wide range of industries. The online version of The New Zealand Herald or recruitment websites like Seek, Search4Jobs and Trade Me are some good places to start your search.

Finding the right place to live

There are a range of accommodation options available from hotels to serviced apartments to rental properties and more. You can book a hotel room for a short stay while you look for long-term options.

Find out more through our International Banking Centre.

Children's education

If you are moving to New Zealand with your children, you will want to ensure the continuity and consistency of their education. In most cities, children of expatriates can enter either local or international schools for primary, middle school and high school education.

Find out more here link to - this page will open in a new browser window.

Family healthcare

New Zealand offers a choice of hospitals and many new international health clinics with highly trained medical staff.

Find out more here link to - this page will open in a new browser window.

Driving in New Zealand

You can drive in New Zealand on an international driving permit for up to 24 months, after which you must apply for a New Zealand licence. If you hold a driving licence from your country of origin or an international driving permit, you can apply for a driving licence in New Zealand. The following documents are required for local driving licence application:

  • Completed driving licence application form
  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Your driving licence in your country of origin
  • If your original licence is not in English, a translation of your original licence into English

If you do not hold a driving licence, you must take a written and practical driving test. Find out more here link to - this page will open in a new browser window

Mobile phones in New Zealand

Mobile/Cellular phones are available through either Telecom, Vodafone or 2 Degrees on GSM. Mobile phones are readily available in malls, department stores and specialised mobile phone outlets. There are two options:

Solution 1: Top-up cards

Simply buy a New Zealand SIM card at most mobile phone suppliers within department stores or their own outlets and substitute it for your regular SIM card. Both Telecom and Vodafone offer convenient prepaid mobile plans. Top-up cards are widely available from convenience stores, grocery stores, petrol stations and anywhere with an assortment of telephone cards.

Solution 2: Registered user

You can connect to the mobile phone network as a registered user. Take out a mobile phone contract at any Vodafone or Telecom mobile.

Please note: This information is provided for your reference only, and does not construe any form of legal, financial or other professional advice. The information shown here is derived from sources we believe to be reliable, but which we have not independently verified. HSBC makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. It is not responsible for errors in communicating factual or analytical data, nor shall it be liable for damages arising out of any person's reliance upon this information. 

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